There are numerous and mostly unknown benefits in using Google Domain Registrar as supposed to others such as GoDaddy.

  • GoDaddy Has Great Initial Pricing But Raises Your Domain Fee
  • Google Protects Your Privacy – GoDaddy Holds It Ransom
  • Google Domains Offers a Wider Variety of Support than GoDaddy (24/7 Support)
  • You can customize Google Domains yourself while at GoDaddy you have to wait for hours on the phone (just for them to hang up)

With that said, transferring to Google LLC from GoDaddy cost absolutely nothing! *

*An initial $17 is paid for payment method confirmation but it automatically extends your domain for one year.

So let’s get started

Step 1: Go to URL http://domains.google/ and type in your domain (without the www)
Step 2: Go to your GoDaddy domain management and scroll down to Additional Settings for your domain. Edit Domain Lock to OFF and Get Authorization Code
Step 3: Choose Transfer your domain to Google Domains and enter your Authorization Code
Step 4: Choose Copy and let Google manage my DNS settings (your website will stay live if you see a green checkmark)
Step 5: You may need to enter more information to register your domain (If Proceed to checkout button is grayed out) and make sure Auto-renew is on.
Step 6: Agree to CIRA Registrant Agreement
Step 7: Now you should be able to click Proceed to checkout. Make sure Privacy Protection is on.
Step 8: Enter your payment information and enjoy your new domain!

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